Why do you park on a driveway but drive on a parkway?

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Thank you for asking such an interesting question. Believe it or not there is a very logical answer.

You really have to look at the context of how us English speaking humans are too lazy to change the way we use words over time. The world around us evolves and what once was does not exist any longer. Too bad linguistically we can not grow.

As with any word, it originated many years ago. Before there were flying cars and super highways, our great land was full of forests and parks. When great pioneers of many ages ago began building out our roads, they all originally were going to driver through several parks hence the parkway.

Before super condos and multi-family communities with thousands of homes stuffed in a development with only inches away from your neighbor. Seriously who wants to see neighbor Fred sunbath in the buff! Driveways were once long roads that led up to your home. You actually had to drive up to your humble abode. Now only for the rich and famous, the driveway is a rare commodity for your average middle class family. Poor little Timmy can’t even play on his big wheel anymore with out the danger of getting hit by an oversized SUV.

Because times have changed and our language skills have not progressed further than your typical caveman is why we still drive on a parkway and park on the driveway!