Is there a shortage of actors in Hollywood?

I think the answer to your question is very critical to aspiring actors in this world today.

There is definitely not a shortage of actors in Hollywood. However, there is a shortage of talented actors in Hollywood. If you look at the dribble that is being produced today, you can definitely see a trend to the dumbing down of America. The past generation of the highly coveted demographic has been subjected to countless hours of reality tv. So Hollywood has had an influx of wannabe actors flood the streets thinking that they can act. Rumor has it that the government has been funding many of these shows to help contribute to the dumbing down of America. If there is a population of mindless people, then it is easier to convince people that it is best for them to do whatever the government says.
If you rent the movie Team America: World Police, you can see how the government has corrupted Hollywood and brain washed some of today’s top stars. It is a very popular film that will help explain the downfall of actors in Hollywood.
But there is hope. With the recent government shut down, the funding of these programs to dumb down America will certainly cease to exist. The studios will take bigger chances with talented actors than try to recreate tv magic with stars like mj fox that once was in the 80s.
If you meant shortage of short actors, I am sorry I misunderstood your question and would agree. How many times do we have to see peter dinklage in a role that requires a short person!
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