How does a hot chick ever fall for a geeky monkeyboy like Mr. Matt?

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Why put a label on someone classifying them as a geeky monkeyboy. Many women fall in love with people not only for looks but based on personality. Love is an amazing thing. Many hot chicks are wrapped up in a beautiful package, but inside they and this “geeky monkeyboy Matt” are one in the same. These two personalities were attracted to each other instantly and realized that they are compatible. One should look past the superficial assumption that this is a classic beauty and the geek scenario. It is hard to look past the pure beauty and focus on the couple as a whole. If you look past the beauty, you will see together the hot chick and this “geeky monkeyboy Matt” are beautiful together. You will then see how she fell for this geeky monkeyboy.

Or somehow this geeky monkeyboy found the secret to brainwashing hot chicks!